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The Calm and Relaxing Scent of Vanilla

The calm and relaxing scent of Vanilla

If talking about vanilla, the first thing that everyone thinks of is probably the scent. In the form of desserts or ice cream. Actually, vanilla is a plant in the family close to the orchid family. It originates from the native forests of southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and parts of Central America. Vanilla is shaped like […]

What are notes of scents?

Note of scent

Have you ever heard the words “top note”, “middle note”, and “base note” when looking for perfume before? Some people know these words exactly, but some may not have any idea about them. Today we’ll introduce these 3 words for you. You may wonder “What are notes of scents?”, or “Does the scent have notes?” […]

Select Suitable Scents for Your Rooms

scent for rooms

If there are many separate rooms inside the house, so why does the smell in each room have to be the same? Today we have ideas for choosing the right scent for the room to share with you. Scent can change the atmosphere and create various emotions and feelings very well, so choosing a scent […]

The Scents for Unisex

unisex scent

Perfume is also considered as clothing. Apart from clothes and makeup, another thing that helps enhance your confidence is the scent. Each person has different criteria for choosing a perfume. Some people choose based on personal style and preferences; some choose to suit their age range; some choose based on the occasion; or some may […]

Refreshing Scents in the Summer

refreshing scents in the summer

When it’s officially summer, we can’t escape the temperature of 40 degrees in Thailand. Even though we don’t leave the house to face the sunshine, we still can’t avoid the hot weather, right? Hot weather like this makes the body tired and also makes us impatient and easily irritated. On top of cool drinks that […]

Change Musty Smell in Your Home to a Fresh Scent with Scented Products

scented product to refresh your home

Hot weather like this makes us don’t want to go anywhere, right? But staying at home is boring, so you want to relax and change the atmosphere to smell the scent. Today we take you to know the scented products that you should have in your home because they can help change the musty smell […]

Eliminate the musty smell in your car with scented products

scented products to eliminate musty smell in a car

For anyone who has a car, a common problem that we often encounter is the unpleasant odor inside the car that always bothers us. The cause of the unpleasant odor is from bringing smelly food into the car, or the smell of sweat on our body. Plus, high humidity in the rainy season can cause […]

The Scents Matching Your MBTI

scent for MBTI

MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has gone viral again. MBTI is a personality test that determines your personality type by answering questions, and there are a total of 16 personalities. Besides MBTI, the fun fact is the scent can indicate your personality too. You can do a MBTI test to know your personality here: […]

Design Scent for Your Condo Room

scent for condo room

. Today we have ideas for decorating a condo room and a scented selection for you. As working people like us, small things cause us stress every day. But it may cause accumulated stress if we neglect it. Therefore, we should find a way to relieve stress, but someone may not have enough free time […]

The Scents that Represent Your Identity According to Enneagram Type

Enneagram Type scents

  Today we will talk about design, selection of scents, and choosing a scent that suits your style. Have you ever heard that people have their own unique scent? So what kind of scent represents our identity the most? You can get the answer by choosing a scent according to the Enneagram which can help […]