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We are well aware that humans cannot avoid receiving smells because their bodies must inhale the air through breathing at all times to continue living. When our nose detects scents, the sensory receptor converts the scent into information and sends it directly to the brain. This information will not pass via Thalamus since the Olfactory bulb, a component of the front side of the brain involved in the sense of smell, is located near the Mygdala, Hippocampus, and Hypothalamus, all of which are part of the Limbic system involved in the sense of smell. Our brain will receive those experiences with scents and store them, changing them into unforgettable memories. The events that we have experienced and the brands that we have seen are collected in memories. So when you are involved in experiences from those scents again, the brain will stimulate memories and bring back feelings or brands that were experienced at that time.

Scented Marketing

Scented marketing is a marketing strategy that uses diverse scents to help customers memorize brand’s image or to increase sales by stimulating sensations and memories. Hotels, donut shops, coffee shops, shopping malls, and showrooms all use their own unique scents to boost sales and brand recognition.

Scented Marketing is a sort of marketing approach known as neuromarketing or psychology marketing, which may directly communicate with human psychology without passing through the logical section of the brain, allowing the scent to stimulate the human mind even while they are sleeping or unconscious.

Sammakorn x MN Formula

Sammakorn X MN Formula

From our experiences with scented design and knowledge from learning the effect of scent on human’s mind, MN Formula designed a unique scent for a resident in Sammakorn project which is Serene. The scent can evoke the cozy comfort of home, our signature scent envelops you in a warm embrace, inviting tranquility and relaxation. 

Serene’s concept is “Have A Good Sleep”, which is inspired by the cozy scent of home that gives a sensation of relaxation and warmth for you to have a good sleep. 

“Serene” creates an atmosphere of serenity and calm, like the cozy ambiance of Sammakorn’s house.

Custom Your Formula


Get a concept

It all starts with an idea. We work closely with our team of scent experts and designers to conceptualize the perfect scent based on your desires and needs.


Design scent

Once we have a concept in mind, our skilled perfumers set to work crafting three unique scents that embody the essence of your vision.


Finish or Adjust

Your satisfaction is our top priority. After experiencing the scents, we encourage you to choose the one that resonates with you the most. If adjustments are needed, our team is happy to accommodate. However, please note that adjustments may incur a cost to cover the additional resources and labor involved in refining the scent to perfection.