Ceramic candle M_Lucid dream


Experience the arts of scented design with a ceramic crafted meticulously by our craftsmen and the scented candle made from high-quality jasmine rice, which can be used to do a massage when it melts. Our ceramic candle is crafted with care and precision, so you can feel an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth when flickering flames meet captivating fragrances to ignite your senses.

How to use

Before lighting your scented candle, ensure it’s positioned away from drafts and pets to mitigate any fire risks. During the first use, allow the candle to stay lit for at least 1 hour or until the wax surface melts evenly to prevent the wick from sinking. After each use, remember to securely close the lid to contain any lingering smoke, preserving the freshness of your space.

Size M set includes:

  • Ceramic Candle M 75 ml
  • Premium linen bag
Lucid dream

Lucid Dream

Experience a pleasant atmosphere accompanied by the scent of Lucid Dream in the style of MN Formula, which gives a relaxing sensation of purity surrounded by the scent of leaves, grass, and the cool breeze that blows through the forest filled with scents of trees. This is a relaxing scent that we would like to recommend for you to use before bedtime so that you will have a special time to rest your body and refresh your mind.

Top note:

Cotton flower, Orchid

Middle note:

Cinnamon, Green Kush

Base note:

Cedar Wood, Cypress

Accompany with

After lighting the candle and relaxing with the scent in bed, simply apply the Fabric Spray to your pillow or blanket and have a good dream. To enhance the tranquility in your sleep, simply apply our Blended Essential Oil and Reed Diffuser along with the candle.

Fabric spray_Lucid dream

Fabric Spray

Lucid Dream

Blended essential oil_Lucid dream

Blended Essential Oil

Lucid Dream

Reed diffuser_Lucid dream

Reed Diffuser

Lucid Dream