Ceramic Candle L Size

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Enjoy the aroma and warmth of candlelight at the same time with scented candles made from jasmine rice in ceramic, which has special properties, especially the candle itself. When it melts, candle tears can be used for massage, and it also contains vitamin E to help maintain moisture in the skin. On top of a satisfied scent, our ceramic candle can be used to enhance the beauty in your room with a minimal style.

Our ceramic candle can bring good feelings and special time to your space with meticulously-combined scents and good quality ceramic with natural tones of beige. Light the candle to experience our scents in your space and create precious memories in the atmosphere of timeless happiness. 

Ceramic Candle L set
Ceramic Candle L
Ceramic Candle L


Ceramic Candle

Experience the magic of scented designs with ceramics carefully handcrafted by our artisans and a scented candle produced from high-quality jasmine rice. Dive into the atmosphere of tranquility and warmth when flickering flames meet captivating scents to ignite your senses.