MN Formula sculpture

MN Formula: atelier

Discover the epitome of modern minimalism with our exquisite handcrafted ceramic collection.

Expertly crafted by experienced artisans, each piece harmoniously combines elegance and simplicity, expressing the essence of handcrafted beauty to elevate your surroundings.

MN Formula Sculpture-nose
MN Formula mouth sculpture
MN Formula hand sculpture
MN Formula Sculpture-eye

Nose Sculpture


Glasses Rest

Elevate your space with its unique and minimalist design by simply placing your glasses or small stuff in the nose slot.

Mouth Sculpture


Stationery Holder

Simply put your stationery directly into the mouth slot, merging functionality with artistry to elevate your workspace aesthetics.


Hand Sculpture


Incense Rest set include: Hand sculpture, Incense stick, Incense cone

Rest the incense stick, the incense cone, or your stuff in the sculpture’s palm to embrace the beauty of simplicity.

Eye Sculpture


Aroma Burner set include: Eye sculpture, Essential oil (Crazy Rich), Tiny candle. 

Enhance your space by filling the bowl with water and essential oil, and placing a tea candle to disperse delightful aromas.

Incense Stick & Incense cone

Embrace simplicity and essence of minimalism with elegance and serene ambiance. Simply ignite its tip, then gently blow out the flame. Place it on the ceramic holder, allowing the aroma to permeate your surroundings. 

incense stick
incense cone